Bat Bot Extreme

Bat Bot Extreme – check price at Amazon

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da batman batman batman

Every year some toys come onto the market that you just have to buy and the bat bot extreme is certainly one of those. Batman has appeared in comic books by DC comics for a long time and has even made it  to the big screen due to its popularity so what is bat bot extreme.

It is pretty much the ultimate toy for Batman fans, it’s got a great voice changer, extendable wings,hidden bat cycle, punching fists, it certainly extreme being a very big toy and he can just tower over his arch enemies in Gotham city.

Turn the power pad and extend the wings and arms ready for battle, just squeeze the trigger on the back of bat bot for a supercharged superbat bot power punch…

Power Pad and Launch Projectiles

On the left shoulder there is a power pad so turn it and his chest will open up revealing a secret elevator.

The elevator takes Batman to his cockpit ready for a counter-attack.

Use the buttons on the shoulders to fire deadly projectiles.

A fabulous toy with many fantastic features to stimulate fun play and it has the real wow factor when you open the box.