Crayola Silly Scents

There are so many toys now available at times it can seem bewildering. Sometimes though it is best to keep it nice and simple and get back to basics with some good old colouring in. Even the adults want a peace of the action nowadays with fancy colouring in patterns.

Children have always enjoyed colouring in and using coloured markers now they can have the enjoyment to create their own crayons with Crayola crayon makers with the Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker, that is possible!  Crayola Silly Scents

It is easy to develop your own custom colour markers in only a few minutes using a mixing guide that comes  with the kit or for the creative you can come up with your own unique ideas.

Let’s see what in the box.

Marker Maker Unit
3 Bottles of Ink
Components for Making 16 markers
A mixing guide
2 Marker storage boxes
Marker labels

Create Custom Markers

Once you have chosen which color of ink you would like to use, you can mix the colors together and dip the marker reservoir into the measuring tube. The marker core appears to fill the ink – it’s like magic.

Everything You Need

This kit comes with everything you need in order to make your own markers. This is an interactive kit that will allow you to make a total of 16 full-sized markers. The factory makes it easy to turn a normal color into a unique marker.

Includes Caps, Tips and Plugs

In order to complete the process of creating your own marker, you need to use the tweezers in order to remove the core from the tube, then assemble the marker with the cap, tip and plug. If you want to take the process a step further and really make the marker your own, you can attach your own personalized label.

While the Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker kit has been designed for children, some adults may also find fun in being able to create their own silly markers. When a child uses this kit, their imagination will really flow as they’re mixing the colors together and creating their own markers, complete with their own label, making it their personal marker.

This sort of present is an ideal gift for any time of the year for a reasonable price.