Lego Pirate Ship Review

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Pieces for Silent Mary
A challenging but rewarding kit to build. This set has 2,294 pieces.
This is a big ship, it measures 18 inches in height, 27 inches long
and 8 inches wide. With the main mast
collapsed, she’s a little over 14 inches.

The Box and Instructions
On the front of the box, you’ll see Silent Mary’s bow opening up with
Captain Jack Sparrow and the crew looking into their row boat,
encircled by a pool of ghost sharks.
It doesn’t have any stickers, which is unusual, because most Lego
sets do come with stickers.
There are 16 bags of parts which will keep you constructing in an
organized way.
As far as the instructions go – there’s a book that contains a total
of 263-pages and they are nice and clear.

The Silent Mary has eight minifigures.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Salazar
Lieutenant Lesaro
Officer Santos
Officer Magda
Silent Mary Masthead



The amount of pages shows you the size of the construction
which is reflected in the price, you will end up with an excellent
display model..