RC Fun

It’s not a toy, it is a complex piece of engineering well that’s what the adults will say, either way one thing that is the sure they are fantastic fun let’s have a look at some of the ins and outs of radio controlled Engineering!  Remote Control Toys – check prices at Amazon

There are so many types of remote controlled vehicles which one do you want to try first. Obviously you may first think of a car which is what most people would think of. Even in this category there are many types of vehicle to consider. There are sports cars, classic cars, off-road jeeps and many more your budget will decide the quality and type of car you can buy. If you are just starting out don’t pay too much, It may be just used for a few times you may not even like it. If you are thinking of racing a remote Car try looking for a club nearby who welcome new members and you can find out more about the hobby.

They are only too pleased to demonstrate their knowledge and they can give you very practical advice about how to start. They will probably be a few used remote-controlled cars the members have for sale but you will be able to get at a really good price compared to a brand-new one. This hobby can be very addictive and once you get into it you could find yourself hooked and want to upgrade your own car yourself especially if you are racing other members and find you keep getting beat in the races! It does take quite a bit of practice to get skilled at driving one of these fast cars, on an inside arena for example inside a sports hall, the track often consists of being approximately 2 m wide on a twisting circuit with chicanes straights and lots of turns.

The track can often be made by using thick rope laid out on the floor, then another rope is used which exactly follows in parallel with the first rope to make a corridor type effect.
The corridor Lane can be very quickly laid out and the ropes wound up at the end of the session and put away. The types of rope used are heavy-gauge so that is the cars are driven round the circuit they may bump into the ropes on the corners and the ropes need to be heavy enough to take the impact so the layout of the circuit is not changed. You can tell the expertise and skill of the drivers who are leading the race they control their car so well it even drifts and skids into the turns on the floor of the sports hall which is slightly slippy and it is really exciting to watch a good race so imagine how good it is to participate in a race.
You can tell who the newbies are as they are at the back bumping into the ropes and each other which is also  quite funny to watch but everyone starts out as a novice and improves with time. It is more exciting to watch money Formula One race on the TV, there is certainly more overtaking that’s for sure.

The nitro gas powered cars are driven even faster they can go at crazy speeds so the tracks used have to be larger and are outside on tarmac surfaces. As you can imagine the skill needed to drive one of these super fast cars has to be excellent if you are going to get the most out of it. You will be better off starting with a slower car until you build up your skill set to advance to a nitro car.

If your reactions aren’t good enough to drive a car just by a remote-controlled tank instead!

The fun is not only limited to the ground you can also buy remote controlled boats.

or even a submarine!

Planes and helicopters are tremendous fun and the range of these is very extensive to suit all skill levels and budgets. Drones are the latest gadget available and are also being used for commercial purposes for aerial photography but you do have to be very responsible in the use of these aerial gadgets for obvious reasons such as interfering with air traffic and not presenting any hazards to them. Do not use them in a built-up area you do not want them to come crashing down and causing injury to anyone.

Flying remote control toys or professional equipment is a serious issue and you should check the laws relevant to your jurisdiction, for example laws on flying in the U.K. are at this link