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This tank is one of hundreds in a  free P.C. game called world of tanks , here is a guide on it for you.

World of tanks is so easy to start playing but not as easy as you think to excel at, only

as you progress through the tiers do you start to appreciate the tactics and intracacies of the game.

Every player who has played and there are hundreds of thousands started at tier 1.

If you start to play the game, you may be tempted to just rushed in at beginning of the

game and shoot what you can for a laugh and quickly die. However if you continue to play

the game your overall win rate statistics will suffer and the win rate of the game is a

big part of the game for most players.

You can improve your play by watching you tube videos.Platooning with more experienced

players also helps you learn where to go on maps etc.

http://www.noobmeter.com/ can give you some idea where your game is at check the

WN8 scores. It is far from an exact science as it depends on many things platooning,

premium rounds, grinding for next tank with rubbish tanks, stock guns,etc etc but it

can give you pointers where you are at the game World of tanks also has tank academy

tutorials about side scraping and you should complete the basic tutorial

they offer just to understand the basics. View links to tank academy tutorials.

You can google stuff and check World of Tanks forums but don’t expect many sensible

answers on there, some dudes seem to just slam you down just to get 1 extra posting

credit…. dont ask why!

Where on earth to start with the hundreds of tanks to choose from…


What to play first?


So first line to grind it would be very difficult to argue against Russian heavy line to

Tier 8

Well its Russian, the game was made and is owned by a Russian and there always cries of

Russian bias in the game with so called soft stats that give the guns better accuracy

than stated, more penetration with the shell used and much more so…

At tier 3 you get T46 light tank good all round tank at 75% crew, will earn reliable 7 to 10,000 credits or more.

At tier 4 you get T28 you get a very fast tank but no armour- learn to use it well and you can get 15 to 20,000 credits per game The zis 4 gun has 112mm of penetration and is fast firing At tier 5 you get the mighty KV1 superb all rounder and great credit earner withtier 6 gun.This tank can compete against tier 7 tanks with tier 6 gun with premium rounds in.

This is what you need to think about when picking tanks
you want to keep- can it compete against tanks two tiers higher than it is in random battles.


REMEMBER THIS POINT – forget it at your peril.


With the kv1 you will then need to grind it for several other tanks It leads to the T150 superb all rounder for tier 6 skirmishes and the KV2 with its derp gun also used in tier 6 skirmishes.
KV1 tech tree steps sideways for tier 5 KV1s which leads totier6 KV85>tier7 IS> tier8 IS3 legendary in the game!

Can you really play for free


Definitely yes at least on the P.C. version, however the game has been set up in a very clever way. You can easily get to tier 6 without paying for anything and at that tier you start to get competitive game play without it being full of noobs just flying around with speedy machine gun tanks fora laugh. There is really no “end game” as such to reach but players who get hooked like to try to get to tier ten level.

Wargaming who is company name for world of tanks, have the game set up where once you get past tier 6 the tanks cost a lot to “buy” with the in game currency.

You earn this currency free depending how well you play, if you shoot a lot of tanks and cause damage you earn credits, the higher the damage the higher the credits. However once you reach tier 8 the amount of credits you earn even in a win is often cancelled out by the higher repair costs you incur to repair your tank when another player on the enemy team shoots youSo how to you get higher tier tanks, that is where the psyhcological war begins.

The game offers”premium accounts” example £8 a month or £65 for a year where you get enhanced currency payments this is where they earn the money along with buying a premium tanks costing from only a few pounds or a level 3 tank or £35 for a tier 8 premium tank, even £80 for a mega package of tier 8 tank with premium time and “Gold” which buys other stuff.

Do not even think of buying a tier 8 tank as a noob – you will be put to the sword by experienced players. You probably will not be ready to play well at tier 8 until around 5000 games yes 5000. You will have plenty of fun with other lower tier tanks though don’t get in over your head.

Best tanks to get that are worth keeping


So all these tanks which ones should you get. Well WG want you to spend money buying slots but it is perfectly feasible to play for free just with what they give you.

You get 8 slots to start with and World of tankst usually give out 1 or 2 free tanks a year on anniversaries of game and christmas, some of these tanks are worth keeping but some are not and the guns etc are better on standard tanks so you can sell them and get free slots now and again.

But lets just say you have 8 slots For long term keeping theseare the tanks that are used regularly in tier 6 and tier 8 team battles of 6/7 players each side

So 8 slots for keepers – first tier 5

1-KV1 (or french tier 5 heavy BDR G1B has tier 7 gun and is underestimated tank)

Tier 6



3-Arl44 (212mm pen gun(


5-French tier 6 Amx 12t (autoloaders)

Tier 8s

6-Tier 8 Russian heavy IS3

7- tier 8 French heavy AMX 100 50 great but for good players

and finally

8- Super fun tank British cruiser 2 This is just a lil tier 3 tank get it fully crewed up 100% skills snap shot for gunner enhanced gun laying drive for quicker aim time, rammer and binos and it will
take your blue away when you have a bad day with losses.

This tank can 1 shot loads of tanks with ease with a reload time of about 11 seconds- a tier 10 beast Td often only gets less than half the hit points or less of another tier 10 tank with a 22 second reload.

Tier 6

Russian heavies —————

KV85- excellent damage but poor gun depression can be a problem on some maps

T150 excellent all rounder good gun good armour


French heavy————-

Arl44- Great all rounder you will not need premium ammo even in random battles at tier 8.

Top gun in this is a tier 8 gun with 212mm penetration, good armour good gun depression,

an underestimated tank.This is on way to fearsome Amx 100-50 tier 8 autoloader which can be a beasty tank in right hands but can die quickly if you are impatient with it

British medium—————

Cromwell is very fast tank is
popular in tier 6 skirmishes when used in groups.


Tier 8 heavies Russian ——-

IS3 is best all round tier 8 tank and is a forgiving tank.

Learn to play it hull down and it is beastly.


T32 top turret is amazingly well armoured, gun is poor though only a 198mm pen gun and you may find you need to use premium rounds a lot unless you get great at it.
( Tier 6 Arl 44 has a 212mm pen


French ——
AMX 100 50

Can be brilliant but not as easy as it looks. Has no armour and you will be targetted by other tanks. Don’t make the mistake with autoloaders thinking you can just unleash all your clip and stay there, you will die quickly.
Just shoot 1 or 2 shots maximum then pull back.You will be able to unleash all your clip later in the game when there are
less tanks and you have flanked them etc



World of Tanks needs money to operate, pretty simple business concept you may think. This is a genuinely pay for free game if you want it to be. At its most basic level the tier 1 tanks come with a 100% crew and you could just stay at that level with a german Leichttractor or U.S.A. T1 Cunningham with its machine gun and have endless hours of fun and spend nothing at all. With a good game you can get 7000 to 10,000 credits to buy equipment like binoculars and camo etc to give you an advantage in the game.

But like most you will get hooked and want other tanks that you see kill you and perform well. See article on playing for free.
Back to the main topic though, a premium account gives you 1.5 more extra credits and experience per game which is not much when you just need a tier 2 tank but if you want a tier
10 tank that costs 6 million credits and over 200,000 xp well that is a different matter so you may want to spend £8 for 30 days andplay as much as you can for 30 days. A year of premium can cost £65 if you get it on an offer, if you gt committed to the game it is worth considering getting it.

U.S.A tier3 locust cost is only 900 gold at full price which is less than £3 is on offer occasionally but not worth waiting to save a measly £1

It is a super fun mobile 64 km/h but does not turn quickly but is manageable when you learn how to play it It has 3 crew members so this would cost another 600 gold to get 100% crew push the boat out and get camo paint and you are talking about £5 or so for a wizard little tank.

The gun fires roughly every two seconds and has 56 penetration and 40 damage with standard ammo premium rounds have 78mm penetration but will chew through your profits and the main reason of a premium tank is to grind credits so use premium rounds sparingly.

The locust tank can easily get you 10,000 credits per game without a premium account and when it is so much fun to play you quickly earn credits as you will play it often.

you will play a lot of tier 3 games in this tank so will not have to worry about penetrating the armour of these tier 3 tanks apart from for example the tier 3 french.

D2 medium tank which
has armour values of 40 all round in both the turret and the main hull so when a armour value says it has 40/40/40 that means front side rear.

Most tanks as you progress up the tiers have weaker armour at sides and rear and your role as a light and medium tank is often to flank heavy tanks and shoot their sides and rear so your gun can damage higher damage tanks at the sides and rear.

KV1 has 640 hit points so you need 6 shots to kill it which in optimum conditions takes 6 x3.64 = 21.84 seconds (you keep your finger pressed on the mouse button so it fires the exact nano second it is loaded)

KV1 fires its tier 6 gun which is most widely used every 4.13 seconds when fully upgraded

160 damage every 4.13 seconds
T25 has 610 hitpoints so KV1 needs to fire 4 times to

kill it 4 x 4.13 = 16.5 seconds
So the kv1 can outfire the T25 straight on but you can often surprise it with your camo and get the first and second shot in and use speed by around it and with practice you can circle it and learn to keep the slow moving turret focused on it. Just autolock the gun using right mouse click.

Even if it looks like your team have lost already and you don’t want to use premium you can get 400 or 500 damage against it which will get you decent credits without using gold rounds as they are still called. ( a while back you could only buy these premium rounds for real money which cost about 5 gold per shot which was 3p a round.)

KV1 is a must have non premium tank and is worth keeping when you learn how to angle it and have top crew and equipment on it is beastly.

U.S.A Tier 8 American Heavy


This tank is a beast and as such faces tier 10 monsters. If you are tempted to buy this tank straight away my advice is don’t. Although it has a 246 pen gun which is the highest penetration gun any premium tank has it often faces tier 10 tanks which obliterate noobs for fun. Some tier 10 tanks can kill it in one shot.

In a tier ten game it is slowly slowly catch the monkey you gotta
hide behind stronger tanks wait for the enemy to have shot and try and peep out and get a shot in while they are reloading, in open play you will have had a good game in tier 10 if you can help out getting 4 shots in that cause full damage which would be 1600 damage.

You will need to learn weak spots and know if its even worth firing your shot.

Standard rounds have 246 pen but tier 10 tanks know how to maximise their armour values and side scrape and hull down ( more stuff for you to know about) so many times it would be a complete waste of time firing at all even with gold rounds at a huge 297 mm penetration don’t always work against tier 10 you need to
learn what tier 10 tanks weak spots are lower glacis etc.

Once you have learned some skills though you can earn massive credits with this tank easily. If you master the art of hull down, you can easily earn 60000 credits a game with a non premium account. Even playing poor games gets you 30,000 credits.



This is touted as a good tank to buy and it is an excellent brawler with good armour but it has a low penetration gun 175ap 217 apcr(gold) 68HE so you will frequently need to use expensive premium rounds to damage heavy tanks you face. Even the pricey premium rounds which will vapourise your credits 217mm will never penetrate an E75 frontally whereas a T34 will.

TANK GUIDES____________

Tank destroyers

From stealthy camo skilled hide in a bush sniper, to heavily armoured give out the big punishment beasty,

premium TD at 8 is a monster  credit making beast, 500 damage per shot, quick reload and has a turret, it is the most played tank on the european server.

Heavy tanks


These are the work horses of the game and only start getting good at tier 5.

They are mostly well armoured except French tanks which are glass cannons. The speed of a tank can give some guide as to how well armoured it is, if it is slower it is because it is heavier
due to the weight of the extra armour, this can apply to other classes of tanks too.

Dont always just pile round corners, especially at key pinch points at beginning of game as there will be 3 or 4 tanks there ready to kill you straight away.Some tanks for example IS3s
have amazing turrets and can go hull down on some places of map,as can the American T32 heavy
with its 292mm armour top turret, these tanks on some maps can do
really well just remember you ‘re not indestructible- especially from arty!

medium tanks————

They are a very versatile tanks and can do a bit of what a light tank can but mostly slower and a bit of what a heavy tank can do but mostly not as well armoured.
Although many higher tier medium tanks have superb armoured turrets and the best players use hull down techniques toterrorize other players with their flanking and hull down skills.

Light tanks


Fun fun fun is what light tanks are. They are misused by noobs to fly around as fast as they can and die within first 2 minutes of the game.
They should be used to spot and light up enemy tanks for your team to shoot at, you should only attack other enemy light tanks that have broken through at beginning of game and only mid to end game attack other tanks.
SPGs self propelled guns – arty


Arty is the bane of all tankers yet most players have used arty themselves to some extent.

Getting killed or damaged by arty can be minimized by the use of 6th sense skill so you know you are spotted
so then you drive your tank off to safety behind a large rock or
house etc

Also shoot then move and don’t make your movements predictable if you roll backwards and forwards to the same shooting point
a good arty player will get you easily.

If you stand in the same point in the open just shooting away, well some may say you deserve to be damaged by arty.

Best arty in game pound for pound

leFH18B2 tier 5.
This has been removed from the tech tree but it is ocassionally put in the shop as a special and is definitely worth buying. At christmas it was available with gold deal and 30 days premium for about
£20 and effectively you were getting it for free.

This arty has excellent aim time recticle hardly moves around
when you re aim slightly

it has a reload time of 7.85 seconds with 100% crew and rammer. It
causes about

150 damage per shot but the beauty of it is that fast reload, if the tank moves and you miss well so what because you only wait
seconds for your next shot so you can take chances at shooting tanks on the move without waiting 20 to 40 seconds waiting for a reload. It can one shot tanks at tier 4 and 5 especially side on but does struggle to damage tier 7 tanks but does chip away at them.

If you do want to try the arty line you will find it very difficult without a 100% crew.

The accuracy is impossible at a 50% crew and very unreliable with a 75% crew, you may well give up playing it before it improves to a reasonable level and it takes a lot of games to get from a 75% crew to a 100% crew.


____________ Armour angling and side scraping




Modules and equipment



Nation Overview




Platoon success



Weak Spots




This does happen but Wargaming are trying their best to stop it. Some players use modification programmes that can automatically find the weak spots of enemy tanks to damage them easily
and to auto predict where to shoot in front of a fast moving tank to hit it.


Wether it is or isn’t you will never officially find out, just give the game a try and you too like tens of thousands of others may get hooked.

Happy tanking.