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Is the train the most useful form of transportation on the planet? It could well be argued that is the case, indeed it would be difficult to argue against it. Before the train was invented there was only horse power.

The first full-scale steam locomotive was built in the United Kingdom in 1804 by Richard Trevithick however it was George Stephenson who was renowned as the father of the railways this man was illiterate until he was 17.
George Stephenson was born in Wylam which is very near to Newcastle upon Tyne so those Geordies are not as daft as you think. Did you know the first house in the world to have electricity powered by a water turbine was in a village called Rothbury also near Newcastle, this was way back in 1863. Finally who do you think invented the electric lightbulb? Do a search on Joseph Swan electric lightbulb you may be surprised he also was from the north-east of England from Sunderland.

Got a bit sidetracked there pardon the pun, anyway despite all the electronic distractions that are available today you can’t go far wrong with a train set for a young child. Hands-on toys develop the imagination in a way that no electronic toy can. Even with the most basic wooden starter set your child will develop hand to eye coordination,
and practical assembly skills organisation not to mention the fun factor.

The starter sets are a brilliant way to start off small and see how much your child loves playing with a train set. These sets are also great for playing with your child’s young friends. The advantage of these wooden sets is they have no sharp edges they are very sturdy long-lasting and easy to assemble. There are a host of accessories you can add to at a later date.Thomas the Tank Engine sets are absolutely brilliant.